Breast Lift

This procedure is also known as mastopexy.

Breasts suffer some changes from the effect of aging, pregnancies, breastfeeding and weight loss. They may lose their youthful shape and firmness.

This surgery can improve the shape of the breasts, making them more youthful and uplifted.

A breast lift can be achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques depending on the degree of breast sagging, the size and position of the areolas, the breast size and the skin quality.

The procedure consists on reshaping the breast tissues, and repositioning the nipple and areola to a natural, more youthful height.
If necessary, enlarged areolas are reduced and excess breast skin is removed.

In some cases, breast implants may also be placed to improve the texture and increase the volume in the upper part of the breasts.


Breast augmentation candidates:

Women who are physically healthy and aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding
it is recommended to wait a minimum of 6 months after breastfeeding.
Women who are bothered by the feeling that their breasts sag or have lost shape and volume.
Women who their breasts have a flatter or elongated shape.
Women who their nipples and areolas point downward or have enlarged areolas.
Women who have one of their breast lower or bigger than the other.


No candidates for breast augmentation:

Women who have unrealistic expectations
Women who smoke and who are not able to leave smoking for 3 months (six week before surgery and six weeks after surgery). chemicals from smoking may cause healing complications.

Recovery time

It is necessary about two weeks of relative rest. This means that bed rest is not necessary, but it is recommended to stay at home and avoid strenuous activities.
Having a supportive friend or relative is needed for care at home the first week after surgery.

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