Face and Neck Lift

Other names for the surgery:

  • Cervico-facial Lifting
  • Face Lift Surgery
  • Rhytidoplasty or rhytidectomy
  • Face and neck rejuvenation surgery

Due to the passing of the years, sun exposure, certain habits and individual genetic characteristics, the skin and muscles of the face and neck lose firmness and give an aging, tiredness and sadness appearance.

The goal of this surgery is to support tissues that have lost firmness and remove excess skin from the face and neck to achieve a younger appearance in a natural way. Sometimes it is recommended to increase a little volume in areas that are sunken, flattened or empty, such as the malar, lips and areas around the eyes.


Candidates for Face and Neck Rejuvenation Surgery:

Women with flaccidity in the face and/or neck due to genetic characteristics or aging.
Women with flaccidity in the face and/or neck due to massive weight loss.
Women who want to improve the tightness of facial and neck skin.


Women Not Candidates for this Surgery:

Those with chronic, uncontrolled illnesses.
Women that smoke and that may not able to quit smoking 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after surgery.

Recovery time:

Approximately 2 weeks. Although it is not a painful and disabling surgery, there may be swelling and bruising on the skin for the first 2 to 3 weeks. It is important to avoid exposure to the sun during this period and to avoid any effort or high intensity physical activity for 4 weeks.

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